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Wineemotion USA is the authorized distributor for Wineemotion™ liquor dispensers and wine dispensing machines in the United States. Browse this site to find the best wine dispenser to fit your wine bottle capacity needs. Each wine dispensing system is produced as standard in stainless steel and includes ambient lighting, a temperature range control panel for your wine bottles at the touch of a button and utilizes food-grade Argon gas for advanced preservation.



A Wineemotion commercial wine dispenser is a dynamic tool to grow wine sales and increase revenue through larger purchases. In a bar or restaurant setting, our wine dispensers provide the ability to create and promote a 360-degree wine program and to sell more premium, vintage and reserve bottle wine in new ways: taste, half-glass or flights, and full glass. A self-serve bottle wine dispenser is the perfect solution to implement a taste-before-you-buy program to help market and sell more wine bottles. Our clients continue to benefit from a high ROI and an average of 40% increase in wine sales when adding a Wineemotion wine dispsenser machine.

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Improve your bottom line instantly with Wineemotion wine preservation systems by cutting losses from wine spoilage, staff over-pouring, and theft. These losses alone can diminish your profits by 20% or more! Wineemotion’s precise portion control and 30+ day advanced wine preservation not only eliminates waste, but also ensures consistent pours, improves the speed of service while eliminating the risk of contamination between staff and wine.



Wine by the glass can be delivered by staff-service or self-service with our wine card-based system with push button controls and menu features to control the dispensing of the drink. Wineemotion’s wine dispensing systems are a tangible sales & marketing tool to showcase and serve a variety of items at the perfect temperatures and freshness to satisfy even the most sophisticated palate. Whether you choose a four bottle wine dispenser or one of our larger units, they all come with the same top of the line technology features. Our intelligent, intuitive and connected WineIDEA software offers an open API that enables integrations with other systems including POS, Hotel Room Keys, RFID, Barcode readers and many more custom products for your business.

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Wineemotion whiskey dispensers are proven to generate a passionate tasting experience for new or returning customers. Your patrons can freely enjoy a wide selection of spirits and whiskeys by the ounce, giving them a chance to try new labels. This creates lasting memories, likely to entice repeat business, making your establishment more memorable. As an operator, wave goodbye to draining profits from whiskey spoilage or heavy-handed pours. Plus,servers spend less time pouring and serving, and more time providing excellent customer service.


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The high-volume, simple, and fast bottle wine dispenser your venue needs to satisfy all types of customers with an elegant looking display by choosing one of our bottle wine dispenser options.

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There is no easier way to serve guests and boost sales with wine anywhere on property from the bar, lobby, or executive lounge using guest hotel room keys for self-pouring from bottles of wine at the touch of a button.

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Elevate and expand the range and quality of your wine beverages to customers Wineemotion and its 30+ day advanced argon gas preservation system.


wine dispenser for retail shops



The perfect bottle wine dispenser system to give your customers a chance to “try before you buy” for your wine and spirits.  Let them discover new a wine with each purchase!

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An exclusive display for your exclusive wine served consistently at the ideal temperature for the most discerning wine connoisseur or aficionados.


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Do you offer vertical or reserve wine tastings parties? Sommelier classes? Wineemotion’s customization options provide the answer for your tasting needs, serving your red wine or whites at the perfect temperature by the sip, taste, or glass.


Advanced Wine Preservation


State-of-the-art cooling technology engineered to use Argon gas to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of every wine such color, flavor, consistency and aroma for 30+ days.

Sleek Design


Designed to showcase your wine by the glass program, a Wineemotion bottle wine dispenser is proven to generate buzz and attract customer’s attention in any setting. Visit our product detail pages.

Ease of Operation


Convenience, with less moving parts than any other system, quickly replace bottles in less than 20 seconds to optimize the productivity of your staff and always be ready to serve your next customer.

The Perfect Serve


Optimize the way you serve wine at the optimal temperature. Our portion control dispensing system ensures precision with consistent pours, and eliminates cross-contamination between staff and wine.

High ROI


The perfect tool to grow and elevate your wine by the glass program. Wineemotion is a dynamic, commercial-grade wine dispenser system developed to sell more wine while cutting overhead costs like theft and labor.



Our intelligent, intuitive and technology connected WineIDEA software offers an open API that enables us to integrate with other bottle wine dispenser systems. Control panel integrations include: POS, PMS, Hotel Room Keys, RFID, Barcode readers and many more solutions.

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Benefits Of Purchasing A Wine Dispenser From Wineemotion USA

A bottle wine dispenser provides a multitude of features, the benefits of which will rapidly pay for the product through savings and increased profits. The sleek display cabinet bringing sophistication and style to your serving area. Wineemotion USA is the official distribution company in the United States for your Wineemotion™ bottle dispenser.

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Wineemotion bottle wine dispenser products feature 3 automated portion controls which defeats the widespread issue of overpouring. The precise pour control allows you to offer a range in size of beverage servings. It offers the possibility of serving “flights” with selection of three varieties of wine of 2 or 3 oz. each. It can even serve quartine and carafe pours to boost your touch of a button dispensing program by providing each customer plenty of choices.

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The ULTIMATE way to handle spoilage is Wineemotion wine dispenser system’s capability of preserving wine up to 30 days without altering the organoleptic properties of wine. Wineemotion dispenser systems use Argon gas which preserves the quality of the wine and in turn enable you to upgrade your wine-by-the-glass program without the fear of spoilage or waste. Thanks to our advanced patented technology, we guarantee no aromatic cross contamination of the wines.

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Through Wineemotion you can ELEVATE and EXPAND your bottle wine dispenser programs from entry-level to premium wine offerings in many portions such as taste and half or full glass which often lead to wine sales after the tasting. In addition, the sleek lines on each bottle wine dispenser makes the system a great display option to showcase wine which captures attention of everyone and leads to increased requests. Definitely an incredible tool for boosting revenues.

Call today for pricing or product recommendations on any of our top-rated devices. Models in each product class have a number of options from which you can make your choice.