Unlike other wine dispenser and preservation system brands, here at Wineemotion, we do not claim to be #1 because we believe each company has something unique to offer.

wineemotion wine dispenser

As the oldest company with experience distributing the “automated wine dispenser and preservation system” in the US market, we are very confident in the commercial grade reliability of our product. We believe in the quality, design, and features of our wine dispenser systems. The following is a detailed list of the characteristics of the Wineemotion wine dispenser systems – for further information or specifications please contact us directly.








wineemotion wine dispenser
  • 30 days (4 weeks) preservation system: Laboratory analysis states that, in any system, wines will begin to modify after 30 days due to natural processes, even if Argon gas is used.
  • Patented “ISOL-Plus” technology: Contains a special tap valve to avoid any aromatic cross contamination of the wines in the same machine.
  • Automated Pneumatic spring pistons: Developed to give maximum results of wine preservation. The piston uses high pressure to seal the neck of each bottle, in order for it to be corked again as a “new bottle” which avoids any micro-leaks of oxygen inside the bottle.
  • Built-in Tap: Taps are NOT external so that they cannot be lost, broken or contaminated by staff or environmental factors. Our taps are built-in to the system to guarantee the maximum hygiene with NO risk of any contaminations when a bottle is added – In addition, our systems are Refrigerated, and the Built-In Taps are protected from temperature changes which could cause chemical reactions.
  • Low/Empty Gas Tank Detection and Notification.
wineemotion wine dispenser
  • 1​ ​to​ ​3​ ​Pour​ ​Portion​ ​Control.
  • Staff​ ​&​ ​Final​ ​Consumers​ ​Functionality
  • Pour​ ​Detection​ ​Technology.
  • Empty​ ​Bottle​ ​Alert.
  • Partial​ ​Pouring​ ​Capability.
  • Customizable​ ​LCD​ ​display​ ​over​ ​each​ ​bottle.
wineemotion wine dispenser
  • Easy​ ​&​ ​Fast: ​A bottle can be changed within 20 seconds; this is because there are no external parts. A bottle change is done by simply switching the bottles using the piston, which will pressure seal the new bottle.
  • Versatility: All models have options of both front ‘removable “polycarbonate”’ panel which allows for 100% visibility of the bottles (suggested for self-service installations), or glass door/s (depending on the Models)
  • Secures​ ​Product​ ​Eliminating​ ​Dripping​ ​from​ ​inside​ ​the​ ​Unit – with a special patented technology in each space
  • Bottle​ ​size: NO limitation of sizes (187 ml-1500ml in any shape). Once a bottle is uncorked, it must be positioned on top of the piston and the piston, automatically, corks and pressurizes the bottle with the tap built-in.
wineemotion wine dispenser
  • Options:​ ​All the models have two versions: Refrigerated or Dual T. Zones (2+2) (2+3) (3+3) (4+4/3+5)
  • Cooling​ ​Standard:​ in all models.
  • Variable​ ​temperature​ ​Control:​ 42F to 70F
  • Cooling​ ​system: ​ ​Industrial compressor cooling system powered by Hitachi America Ltd. – same system used in most Commercial and Industrial refrigerated equipment in US.
  • Performance:​ Low Voltage 120V only – Standard Fan noise – Lower temperature efficiency for white wines – Defrost system
wineemotion wine dispenser
  • Smart​ ​cards​ ​or​ ​RFID​ ​cards​ ​Access​ ​Control
  • Key​ ​Lock​ ​standard ​(in the front panels or glass doors).
  • ETL​ ​Certification​: ​Conforms to UL as per OSHA requirements
  • ETL​ ​SANITATION​ ​certification:​ ​Conforms to NSF as per OSHA requirements
  • Zero​ ​Contamination​: NO external components that must be removed and NO need for glove use.
  • Piston​ ​Secure​ ​&​ ​Safety​ ​Control​ ​System​​ – patented technology
wineemotion wine dispenser
  • Position​ ​Level​ ​Control​ ​&​ ​Reporting​ (through WineIDEA software)
  • Management​ ​&​ ​Staff​ ​assigned​ ​Smart​ ​cards ​(though WineIdea software)
  • Detailed​ ​Employee​ ​Sales​ ​Monitoring​ ​&​ ​Reporting​ (through WineIDEA software)
  • Wine​ ​Sales​ ​Reports​ by Bottle Position, by Wine Label, By Variety of Wines, by Producer, by Supplier and many other customized options (though WineIdea software)
  • Customer​ ​Preferences​ ​Tracking​ ​&​ ​Sales​ ​Reporting
  • Programmable​ ​“Wine​ ​Discount”​ ​and Happy Hour Settings
  • Map​ ​system/s​ ​&​ ​Multi-Site​ ​Networking
  • Remote​ ​System​ ​Monitoring
  • POS​ ​system​ ​integration​ ​(optional)
  • Beer​ ​system​ ​integration​ (optional)
  • Hotel​ ​Room​ ​card​ ​integration ​(optional)
wineemotion wine dispenser
  • Compressor​ ​Free​ ​Design
  • ​Sanitary​ ​Wine​ ​Delivery: ​ as per NSF Health Dept. in the US, all Food & Beverage equipment must be Sanitized with a periodic cleaning. Due to the sugar that wine contains, it is necessary for all wine dispensing systems to be routinely cleaned and sanitized. Our system only requires a simple and easy clean with hot water and citric acid (the product used by winemakers for sanitizing winemaking equipment), or cleaning solution.
  • External​ ​Bar​ ​Code​ ​Scanner​ (optional)
  • Zero​ ​Build-out​ ​Design
  • Modular​ ​Sleek​ ​Design
  • Function​ ​&​ ​Design​ ​ ​– Wineemotion is proud to utilize a majority of American made electronic and mechanical components including our cooling system in order to make our product, originally Italian by design.