Just imagine if your customers didn’t have to wait for their next glass or even better they can socially explore all the wines you have to offer. They’re free to taste any wine as soon, and as often, as they like.


This added bonus for your customers can translate to profits for you, research shows that by adding an automated service option to your wine program, you can grow revenue by 40% from the increased amount of wine you sell.




With a Wineemotion wine dispensing system you will create a passionate wine experience for new or returning customers. Your guests can freely enjoy your selection of wines by the glass, giving them a chance to try new wine varietals or types without the embarrassment of not knowing much about a specific wine. This method encourages patrons to discover wines in a fun and unique way, allowing them to be their own sommeliers. This creates memories, likely to entice repeat business, making your establishment more memorable.



Waive goodbye to draining profits from wine spoilage or heavy-handed pours. The elimination of waste alone will save the equivalent cost of the machine in less than one year. Plus, servers spend less time pouring and uncorking wine bottles, and more time providing excellent customer service, thus diminishing your staff costs.



Why should you invest in a self-serve wine dispenser system? Not only will you experience a huge boost in profits, but your customers will also love the unique experience and freedom this system provides. A self-serve wine dispenser also allows you to implement a taste before you buy program to help sell more wine bottles too.



Thanks to the increased automation from a wine dispensing system, servers and bartenders can spend less time pouring and uncorking wine bottles, and more time focusing on customer service to satisfy your patrons and keeping them coming back. They can spend more time providing wine recommendations and up selling new wines.

Passionate about enhancing wine by the glass experience


Step 1: Patrons Are Issued a Wine Card


As customers enter your venue, your staff verifies their ID to ensure legal drinking age. Once it’s confirmed they’re old enough to enjoy your selection of fine wines by the glass, your staff will hand them a wine card, which they can then use to dispense any wine they choose from your Wineemotion dispenser/s. You can decide whether to pre-load their card with cash or run it as a traditional open tab.

wine dispenser with card reader
wine dispenser machine with card

Step 2: Dispensing Wine


Once your customer has their wine card, they are free to explore your wines dispensing systems. To dispense wine, the customer must simply place the card in the slot, select the size of pour (taste, half-glass, full glass), and press a button to pour their own fresh selection. They have the freedom to taste any wine they’d like. This allows any customer to release their inner sommelier and create their own small tasting or pour a full glass of one selection to enjoy with a charcuterie board.

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Responsible Consumption


Limit tasting by frequency, amount or just sell prepaid cards in smaller amounts, the control is in your hands to ensure responsible consumption compliant to state liquor laws. This ensures feature allows businesses to efficiently control wine sales and consumptions.


Step 3: Monitor Every Sip


At the end of the night, customers simply return their wine card or either close out their open tab card. For frequent or repeat customers, we recommend letting them keep their profiled wine card to keep them coming back without having to get a new card issued every visit. Through the WineIdea software you can run reports and track best selling wines or slow movers to maximize your profitability.

self pour wine bar