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Create a self-guided wine tasting experience for your guests. By incorporating a Wineemotion wine dispensing system in your wine bar’s program, you will provide a fun interactive experience for guests to learn and explore all the wines you have to offer while maximizing profits. Wineemotion is guaranteed to eliminate spoilage and overpouring, while allowing you to stop serving cheap, warm or oxidized wines by the glass. In case of self-serve system with the Open Tab Card capabilities, keep customers coming back to release their inner sommelier.


Wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate spoilage and overpouring while displaying your best wines by the glass in a beautiful artisan crafted wine dispensing & display system? Wineemotion’s SERIES 2 and 3 wine dispensers will preserve your wine for up to 30 days, serve at 3 precise pre-programmed portions and store your red and white wines, each at their ideal temperature. An “up-selling machine” says one Restaurateur who recently switched to Wineemotion. The beautiful display and innovative technology will expand is guaranteed to expand your wine by the glass program with more varieties of premium wines.

wine dispenser applications
wine dispenser applications


How do you incorporate seamless service with fun and interactive amenities? The Wineemotion wine dispensing and preservation system is perfect for everywhere in a hotel such as hotel lobbies, lounges, restaurants and even guest suites. Your guests will love the ability to try some of the best wines whether locally sourced or from a global reach. From the bartender behind the bar or with the Customer Pre-paid card feature, guests can choose and enjoy their own wine as they please. WineIdea is a secure and control system wit litigation by oz or by time if needed.


It all starts here. The winemakers pour their heart and soul into each bottle to share with wine lovers everywhere. From the small boutique vineyards to some of the world’s largest producers, Wineemotion is the system used by the most discerning of creators to ensure their wine is tasted by guests in the way it was intended. Flavor, aroma, color & consistency… never compromise when it comes to passion. The customer pre-paid card feature is an exciting marketing feature to offer to your guests to release their inner sommelier.

wine dispenser applications


Long gone are the days of waiting “in purgatory” for your flight to arrive or layover to finish. Airport terminals have experienced a culinary renaissance partially with the help of Wineemotion wine dispensers. Airport terminals all across North America are including wine dispensers in their wine bars and restaurants to offer travelers with a wine experience on par with visiting the actual vineyards. There is no better place where to relax when traveling and there is no better beverage than wine to sip before catching your next flight!


Your members demand the best. Their interests in wine is no different. The Wineemotion wine dispensing & preservation system is perfect for Country Clubs, Yachts Clubs and  any other Clubs members and guests. Offer premium wine by taste, flights or full glass behind the bar or to members on a VIP or Pre-paid card service and watch the wine revenue grow.



The most important action a retail store can initiate is the up-sell. Customers are often apprehensive to purchase a more expensive wine for fear of not getting the value they hoped for. Incorporate a wine dispenser by Wineemotion and let customers “try before they buy” with the pre-programmed ½ ounce tasting feature and they will confidently upgrade their wine choice. With Bartender by Wineemotion you can let customers try whiskies and spirits too!


 The future is proposing. Beverage choices at stadiums are no longer limited to just beer and soda, with a wine dispenser by Wineemotion fans can improve their game day experience by drinking quality wines while cheering on their favorite teams!



Just imagine eating great food with quality wine while watching a movie, a real sense of entertainment. Theaters and Cinemas are no longer just a place to eat popcorn and watch a movie, but rather a “destination” where to go, a social meeting place. They have evolved into a place of entertainment before, during, and after a movie. The bars are always more and more sophisticated with gourmet food and inevitably Wineemotion is the perfect solution to offer a wide selection of premium wines.


The latest trend in condominium and apartments in addition to the gym, pool, home theater, and business center is now the amenities lounge. The amenities lounge is the plaza of the building; it is the social place where to be after work. There is no better way to relax and to socialize with friends or neighbors with some appetizers and wines. Depending on the concept, the Wineemotion wine dispenser can be used by the attendant or from the residents directly with smart cards.