Whiskey Bottle Dispenser

Whiskey Bottle Dispenser

Investing in a whiskey bottle dispenser from WineEmotion USA can dramatically impact your establishment’s bottom line in a positive way. Generous pours and wasteful practices can cost you a lot of money each and every month. By installing an alcohol dispenser behind the bar, you can be assured that you’re not losing money to heavy-handed bartenders and you’ll have the added peace of mind that your customers will always get what they pay for. Consistent drink mixing is the number one factor you’ll want to consider when establishing a bar.

8 Key Benefits of Our Whiskey Dispensers

1. Our whiskey dispenser features 3 volume buttons with adjustable pour amounts, most commonly set to taste, half glass, and full glass. Volume buttons are completely customizable to ensure you’re able to pre-set your machine and walk away knowing that the pour amount is under control.

2. Our patented serving tap technology enhances alcohol preservation to help you significantly minimize spoilage due to oxidation. You’ll find more information about our ISOL-Plus technology on our website.

3. Each bottle slot features individual digital display information that makes using our whiskey bottle dispenser an easy task. Your behind the bar staff and/or wait staff will not need a tutorial or seminar to learn how to dispense alcohol using our machines- it’s so easy, your customers can pour their own using a pre-paid card with our house liquor dispenser.

4. Simple, reliable mechanical push-buttom operations ensure a no-contact pour, every time. During Covid, it’s important to demonstrate to your customer base that you’re committed to their safety.

5. The Bartender wooden whiskey dispenser features double glass pane doors and a key lock so that pour amounts cannot be changed without your approval.

6. Our dispensers are able to adapt to various bottle heights through pneumatic activated pistons and springs for bottle lifting. Our designers have designed the ideal whiskey bottle dispenser that accommodtes for different bottle shapes and sizes.

7. LED lighting highlights bottle labels and offers adjustable brightness to maximize visual appeal and allow your customers to easily see what types of liquors are available.

8. Our best-selling wood liquor dispenser ia backed by our industry-leading 2-year manufacturer’s warranty for parts and 1-year cooling system warranty. You’ll have exceptional peace of mind when choosing a product from WineEmotion USA.

Wine & Whiskey Bottle Dispenser Options

If you serve wine at your establishment, you’ll want to consider one of our wine preserving and dispensing machines, as well. Most bars and restaurants that serve wine experience an enormous amount of waste due to spoilage. Our systems will cut losses to a bare minimum by infusing Argon gas into each wine bottle between pours, preserving taste and color while dispensing the perfect amount.

If you have questions about any of our liquor dispensers, feel free to get in touch with our staff by calling 800-671-3317. You’ll also find free resources and information on our website, including dispenser machine sizes and options, applications where our dispensers can be used, benefits of using our machines, and more. Call or connect with us for a free quote.

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Whiskey Bottle Dispenser