Wine Dispenser Specialist

Created to enhance the passion and experience of fine wine through research and technology, Wineemotion is the most reliable wine dispenser specialist. Available in behind the bar and controlled-access customer use configurations, Wineemotion advances how wine is sold and served internationally.


With an ever growing line of products and customizable features, Wineemotion is the most advanced wine dispenser specialist for customers looking to actualize and represent their vision. Take the profitability of your wine program to the next level with Wineemotion by upselling your customers to premium wine by the glass.

Enhance your customers’ experience and increase revenue with Wineemotion by:

Eliminating Spoilage

Perfectly Measuring Pours

Serving At Precise Temperatures

Increasing Selection of Wines

Low Energy Consumption

Driving Wine Sales As A marketing Tool

Passionate about enhancing wine by the glass experience

The Wineemotion Difference

wine dispenser specialist


With decades of experience in the automated dispensing systems and developed purposefully for commercial use, we are confident that Wineemotion is the most reliable system available in North America. The perfect balance between mechanical and electrical components make Wineemotion a durable machine, ideal for high traffic and usage.

wine dispenser specialist

Superior Quality

We believe that Wineemotion is the highest quality system because each machine is produced with the best selection of mechanical and electrical parts, which earned Wineemotion the recognition as the only “real” commercial system available in the US market.

wine dispenser specialist

Customer Support

Since 2003, Wineemotion USA has our own service division providing installation and training by our factory trained technicians in addition to an extensive networking of technicians nationwide to available to assist you anytime, anywhere.